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photoblog image Necklace of Jewels.

Necklace of Jewels.

Large swarm of Greenbottle Flies rests on a shrub overhanging a large dead fish. Most have already layed eggs in the carcase which is "alive" with wriggling white maggots.

Necklace of Jewels.

Large swarm of Greenbottle Flies rests on a shrub overhanging a large dead fish. Most have already layed eggs in the carcase which is "alive" with wriggling white maggots.

comments (19)

  • VZ
  • United States
  • 5 Nov 2008, 01:24
I would prefer to learn that this was an Annual Exotic Fly Symposium, Ray. smile
Surreal stuff. I've never seen so many flies in such an unusual line-up.
Ray: I feel you may be correct, VZ...the Beer'n'snack party at the end of day2 at the Symposium...fermenting fish, of course, being the main event on the menu. [grin]
This is very good if a trifle revoltinggrin
Ray: I interviewed the flies, and they agreed that the old fish is "very good".
Thanks for your remarks, Bill.
Quite an impressive shot Ray. They seem to be pretty well organized!
Ray: [grin] A very orderly bunch of Greenbottles, Richard, now that they have found their target and laid their eggs.
  • Tracy
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 Nov 2008, 10:56
They are like an army on the march
Nice capture.
Ray: Actally, Tracy, I think they are having a well-earned rest after the exertion of their group maggot depositing ritual.
  • zohre
  • United Arab Emirates
  • 5 Nov 2008, 11:47
Impressive ...!
Ray: Impressive...macabre! Thanks, Zohre.
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 5 Nov 2008, 12:02
Good photo now get the Mortein
Ray: Nature's could I exterminate 'em, Vintage, after they obliged with the photo shoot. [grin]
  • terry
  • Nepal
  • 5 Nov 2008, 12:15
wow Ray. i've never seen so many lined up like this. the first thing i thought was 'what lies beneath' and now i know.

bet you paid through your nose for this treat for our eyes smile
Ray: yes...the fish was exceedingly got my attention from 20 metres away, terry.
Excellent capture, Ray, though this many flies creeps me out a little bit. :o)
Ray: They were much more interested in the dead fish than in me, Jennie...I guess the fish smelled better! [grin]
I hate the life style of Blue bottles and the whole concept of them but they are rather flamboyant little sods. richard
Ray: Shells like anodised aluminium...they are very colourful. Thanks for your comment, Richard.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 5 Nov 2008, 14:58
Diesel driven excrement coolers. Yuck when one of them lands on your face and you start to imagine where else it has been. :-( So you were hanging with them over a dead fish? You need a medal for that.

To tell the truth, in a macro they are beautiful covered little beasts. A great picture opportunity well utilised.
Ray: The things one does in the excitement of the hunt!
Thanks, Louis.
  • The windmills of my mind
  • 5 Nov 2008, 15:00
It's a platoon on the march!

Hey, my cats lick their bums and then kiss me, so flies don't really worry me ha ha

Absolutely brilliant, Ray smile
Ray: Come to think of it...I have a couple of pics somewhere of a cat performing its intimate tongue-bath... [grin]
  • monika
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 5 Nov 2008, 15:57
YEAH! That's an invasion! I am not particularly fond of the subject but I like DOF, great detail on some of these creatures.
Ray: Thank you, Monika. probably not everyone's favourite insect, but they are attractive in a slightly bizarre sense.
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 5 Nov 2008, 18:23
'the fish was ripe' I knew Thailand fish grow on trees...all these flies are just waiting for another helping....hope you have a macro of the maggots too...
I use to fish with maggots...can you imageine, I kept maggots in the fridge, once I did not close the lid mom was so happy with me...wink
Incredible picture!!
Ray: Very funny story about your childhood, Astrid....that is the kind of event one never forgets!
  • PhotoSam
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 Nov 2008, 22:04
feel itchy just looking at this one ray
Ray: Glad you like it, Photosam, even though the subject matter might be seen by some as a little distasteful.
  • Ellie
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 Nov 2008, 23:26
I was sure from the thumbnail I'd see ants, so this is a surprise.

Errm, that's a heck of a lot of flies for just one fish.
Ray: It was a big fish, Ellie...perhaps 1.5kg...and it was very odorous!
  • Mal
  • United Kingdom
  • 6 Nov 2008, 15:56
expectant mothers watching over their young. So how long did it take to glue that lot in position!....;-))) mal
Ray: It was a big task, mal, made difficult from the surrounding air being so ripe with the pungent aroma of rotting fish. [grin]
Incredible image, Ray. (:o)
Ray: Thanks, Rosalyn. You should have been there...the air around this shrub was putrid from the dead fish below.
Certainly a likey for me !! Bravo mon ami !
Flies are not my favourites, but I have to admit it's a great capture.
Ray: Thanks, Ian.
I like flies as subjects...they are very interesting and varied...but, can be a bit fidgety.

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